Persistance & Menus


Small aircraft carrier concept for the trailer (unused). Concept by Konstantin Predachenko.

As Venus.Aero is meant to be an experience that can grow and also be experienced fully in VR, the main menus for players will be air carrier interiors – the exterior of one of these is pictured above. These will be relatively small, with only a few living space areas and then of course the hangars. With their inclusion though, they should be fun to explore and immersion to the game. It would be great if aircraft customization could take place in a first person perspective, to encourage players to really get attached to their aircraft.


After each win, the player is given cash, rewards, and levels up in rank. They can spend this cash to buy additional equipment to level up their vehicles, unlock paint schemes, etc. Each aircraft is unique and persistent: if you get two aircraft types, you can choose to outfit them differently to fulfill different roles or have different specialties.

If an aircraft is loss through an accident, it is gone – you can re-buy the same airframe but your upgrades will have to be repurchased separately.

A global leaderboard will also track top players in each competitive category.