Game Modes

One vs. One Duel

In this game mode each player starts in the air facing each other about 3 km apart at the same altitude. Right now I figure that they will be lasers only? To tag another player out, a pilot must keep their laser on the enemy for about five continuous seconds. Once the player is out, the round resets and begins again. Best two out of three (or more depending on game settings).

Team vs. Team Competition

In this core game mode pilots compete in teams of up 16 players per side, formed into 4 smaller squadron groups. Score is accumulated over time – say, one point per second. The objective in this mode is to tag another player as “Out” – this is done by shooting them with an instant-hit laser. This turns off the tagged player’s weapons, and pauses their score counter. Players can be tagged back in by having a teammate shoot them, or they can wait until their “out” timer is up, turning their weapons back on. There is no such thing as being “shot down” – only being tagged as temporarily out. The game will continue until the score or time limit is reached.

To keep players from circling around on the edge of the map to pick up points, there is a dynamic play bubble that is created from the averaged enemy location and averaged friendly location – if you fly out of the bubble, you stop generating points.

Players will have a stock of aircraft that they can choose from – since aircraft are persistent and players can get duplicates, if they lose one of their aircraft in an accident or via atmospheric destruction (heat, acid) then that aircraft will no longer be available for the entire match – and may incur a re-buy cost afterwards. If the player loses all their aircraft they are given a random basic aircraft with a long cool down timer.

Weapons are pre-selected before launching – or there are virtual pickups. Not sure which would be more fun!

Stock Racing

This mode consists of flying through rings to get the best time. Pilots cannot use a customized aircraft so as to keep an even playing field. Dynamic weather is turned off, but the map may use clouds and other game world items as obstructions. As of now there are no weapons planned but this may change in development.



When this mode is selected, players are given the option to either load a sequence or create their own. These sequences are made by connecting pre-defined manuevers (loops, rolls, etc.), and then executed by flying along a virtual flight path in the game world. Adhering more closely to the flight path nets more points, deviating yields less points. Players can share their courses and compete in a global ladder. There are no weapons.

Free Flight

No weapons, players can land and take off and just fly around, practice takeoffs and landings, and generally get used to the different aircraft and practice with weapons on floating targets.

Air Superiority



Sort of like an aerial conquest mode, players have to fly within a sphere to capture it. Once captured it generates points – as does tagging an enemy player out. First to the maximum amount of points, wins. This is a combined arms game type, so there would be a much greater variety of aircraft – some bombers, quadcopters, large carriers, etc.

Squadron Metagame

Players can join a “Squadron” and compete for an in-game tournament, held on a rotating cycle. Squadrons can choose to compete in any of the existing game modes, and their scores are tallied up in a double elimination bracket per game mode. At the end of the tournament they will be gifted prizes (unique skins, items, level up bonuses). Each tournament would last around 3-6 months.