About the Game

Set a couple hundred years in the future, Venus.Aero is a game of realistic airplane laser tag, set on Venus. “Flight sim in the air, space sim in the chair” is the guiding design principle behind it – the physics are realistic but the cockpit experience is closer to a space simulator.

It will be a multiplayer and singleplayer game and the game progression mechanics revolve around rising in rankings and upgrading aircraft. Included in the multiplayer aspect of the game will be a persistent record for leveling up and the ability to form “squadrons” (clans) to compete in an in-game ladder for each game mode.

Design Goals:

  1. Establish the Venus.Aero universe and build a base game to add onto as time goes on.
  2. Develop a versatile physics model that can be applied to other planetary environments.
  3. Be accessible to casual pilots and experienced aviators in the same match.
  4. Create an interesting and unique scifi universe, with exciting gameplay.
  5. Fill a shortage in space simulator games and speculative flight sims.


The reason I want to make this game is because of two reasons:

  1. Combat focused space sims are rare: games like Freespace 2, Wing Commander and House of the Dying Sun are less common than games like Elite, Star Citizen, the X series and Evochron Mercenary.
  2. Flight simulators are always based in either World War 1/2 or with modern jets. There are no speculative flight simulators with realistic physics, despite sims like DCS, War Thunder and IL-2 showing that there is an appetite for realistic aviation based games.

Venus.Aero is meant to take the experience of a realistic flight simulator and take it into the future, with drones, computers, lasers, and more. It is meant to be about the challenge of learning to fly a plane, but not about learning a bunch of systems and buttons to play. It’s meant to give you the experience of learning how to control a real vehicle, but still letting you feel like you’re in a futuristic space fighter.